VISA Check Card

A USPS FCU VISA Check Card means less hassle and more convenience for you.

VISA Check CardUse it as a check wherever the VISA logo is displayed, or use it as an ATM card. Here are some of the advantages your VISA Check Card has to offer:

  • Our card comes with the latest security technology including the EMV chip. Contactless feature coming soon. 
  • Use your VISA Check Card everywhere that VISA debit cards are accepted. You avoid hassles over needing to show your ID, plus there's no check to write.
  • Use it as you would a credit card when making purchases, paying for hotel/motel rooms, shopping by phone/online, or for any other reason that you would use a credit card. Since the money is taken from your Checking Account, there's no interest to pay.
  • Use it as an ATM card to withdraw money at ATMs everywhere. We have a large surcharge-free ATM network that includes CIRRUS, Allpoint, CULIANCE, ACCEL, and CO-OP. You can also use it to verify your account balances, make deposits at designated ATMs, and transfer money.

A VISA Check Card is another USPS FCU Convenience Service for the way you live today.

If you don't already have one, apply for a VISA Check Card today by printing and mailing in this form. Or contact the Credit Union for more information.

Allpoint Deposit ATMs

Deposit Cash at Allpoint ATMs

Deposit up to $1,000 per transaction at Allpoint machines that are conveniently located in places you shop like CVS and Walgreens. More and more ATMs are being added throughout the US, so check our locator to see if you have near you. If you don't have one near you yet, don't worry, because we also have Shared Branches and other deposit-taking ATMs available. 


VISA Account Updater

Click here to learn how your card information can be automatically updated when you receive a new or reissued card.

Choose Credit When You Use Your VISA Check Card

At most stores, you can choose 'debit' or 'credit' when you make purchases with your USPS FCU VISA® Check Card. Unless you need cash back, always choose credit. Here's why:

When using your USPS FCU Visa Check Card, push the “CREDIT” key for additional security & protection when making purchases!

Choosing “Credit” and Signing your Name for Purchases Choosing “Debit” and using your PIN

With signature-based purchases, funds are not withdrawn immediately but are put on 'hold' in your checking account to be posted to your account in 1 to 3 days*. In case of a dispute you are protected under VISA “charge-back rights.”

*NOTE: These funds will not be available for other purchases after the hold is placed.

Money is immediately withdrawn from your checking account; however, you do NOT have additional protection in case of a “merchant dispute”.

For example, if the merchant has rung up your purchases incorrectly – you may not be able to get your money credited back to your account.

Detailed record-keeping; merchant's name listed on your account statement.

No indication of the merchant on your account statement: just Point-of-Sale address.

More secure. Just sign the receipt. In some instances, the signature requirement is waived (like at gas pumps or fast food restaurants).

Must remember and enter PIN – in plain view of other customers.
NEVER write your PIN on your Debit CARD!

Protects you under Visa USA fraudulent alerts and Zero Liability protection.
* See VISA Check Card disclosure.

Up to a $50 Liability.
* See VISA Check Card disclosure.

It's simple. For everyday shopping choose credit. It's your best purchase and fee protection. It's also faster than writing a check. Just sign the receipt and go. When you need cash back, choose debit.

If you have an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit, you can use your VISA Check Card for extra cash beyond your balance. It's the same as writing a check. Be sure to read your VISA Check Card Disclosure. VISA Check Cards are issued on Checking Accounts only.