Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative our vision is to cultivate genuine relationships where members know they are important and significant. We want all people to feel welcome and respected. We value and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business and at every level of our organization. We will guide our behaviors and decisions by standing firm on our values and beliefs.

At the U.S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union we:

  • BELIEVE that all people deserve the opportunity to successfully obtain financial independence
  • VALUE the responsibility to foster an environment that ensures equal access to resources, services, products, and opportunities
  • BELIEVE we can make a difference in helping members succeed in advancing financial stability in their lives, families, and communities
  • VALUE opportunities to educate our communities

We define DIVERSITY as the unique combination of various dimensions that makes each of us different from and similar to others. Those dimensions can include, but are not be limited to, age, gender, ethnic heritage, race, physical or mental abilities, sexual orientation, values, religion/spiritual practice, income, family status, education, and geographic location. The Credit Union is committed to understanding the diverse needs of our membership so we achieve our mission of providing top quality service to all members.

We define EQUITY as fairness. As an organization, we strive to become more equitable by continually seeking and ensuring the fair treatment of all members. We recognize that achieving and sustaining equity requires a continuous effort of identifying and breaking down of social, financial, and structural barriers and obstacles. The Credit Union is committed to practicing the values of service, integrity, and innovation to ensure all members can improve their financial lives.

We define INCLUSION as building a culture of belonging that intentionally embraces differences and actively invites the participation of all people. We believe that respect, compassion, and dignity for ourselves and towards others is central to aligning to our vision, mission, and values. The Credit Union is committed to providing tools, resources, and a safe space for members to access the knowledge, skills, products, and services to succeed, so they may help others achieve the same.

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