Applications & Forms

We make it easy for you to communicate with us. You can use these online forms to complete your membership application, apply for a loan, tell us what you think, and more. 

Membership Application

IMPORTANT: Please click here toreview the USA Patriot Act notice before completing a membership application.

Complete and print this form to request membership in USPS FCU. Please complete all fields, print it out, and mail it or bring it to the USPS FCU branch nearest you. To open this account costs $10 for one share purchase. $5 of the $10 will cover your membership fee, and the other $5 is deposited into your share account. (Please send in a copy of your driver's license as well as proof of eligibility, such as your most recent pay stub or immediate family members' name.)


Automatic Payment Authorization Form - Personal Loans/VISA Credit Cards

Complete and print the appropriate form below to schedule monthly transfers from your account at another financial institution to your personal loan or VISA Credit Card at U. S. Postal Service FCU. Return the form with a canceled check if you are paying from another financial institution.

  • Set up automatic payments for my Personal Loan Opens in a new window (ex. car loan, signature, etc...)
  • Set up automatic payments for my VISA Credit Card

Change of Records Request Form

Print this form to change your address, phone number(s) or email address. Fill out the form in its entirety and return to us for processing.

Checking Account Application

Complete, print and sign this form to apply for a USPS FCU Interest, Money Market, or Access Checking Account.

Adding Services Application

Complete, print and sign this form to apply for additional services or to add a Joint Account Owner.

Loan and Credit Card Application

Complete, print and sign this form to apply for any consumer loan or credit card. 

Apply Today for a consumer loan or credit card!

You must be a member in order to apply for a loanor be click here to find out if you are eligible for membership

*The online application is not fully functional for Samsung mobile phone users. Please use the online application from a computer. It will be available for Samsung mobile phones in the coming months. Thank you for your patience! 

Home Equity Loan Application

Complete and print this application and mail, fax, or bring it to the Credit Union to apply for a Home Equity Loan.

Overdraft Privilege Opt-In/Opt-Out Form

Print and complete this form and return to the Credit Union.

Inter-Account Transfer Form

Complete and print this form to set-up account to account transfers within Virtual Branch.

Share Certificate, Club Savings or Money Market Saving Accounts Application

Complete and print this application and mail, fax, or bring it to the Credit Union to open a Share Certificate, Money Market Certificate, Money Market Savings Account, Monthly Income Share Certificate, or Club Account.

IRA Share Certificate Application

Complete and print this application and mail, fax, or bring it to the Credit Union to open an IRA Share Certificate.

Skip-A-Payment Application Form

Print and complete this application and mail, fax, or bring it to the Credit Union to skip your next qualifying loan payment.

Direct Deposit & Payroll Allotment Enrollment

To initiate Direct Deposit, contact the Credit Union, visit LiteBlue for postal pay, visit Go Direct for (Social Security, Civil Service, etc), or contact your employer's payroll department. Note: You will need to provide your membership account number and our routing number 254075441.

To set up Payroll Allotment, you can log-in to your account through Virtual Branch, or print and complete this application and mail, fax, or bring it to the Credit Union.

VISA Account Updater Service Opt-Out Form

Print and complete this form if you wish to opt-out your USPS FCU VISA Debit/Credit Card(s) from this service, please print and complete this form. 

VISA Check Card Application

Complete and print this form. You may return the form by fax, mail or in person. A fee may be assessed if this is an application for a replacement Visa Check Card.  Please see our current schedule of fees.

VISA Check Card - Disputes

Please call 844-243-3373, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to dispute any merchant transaction or to report any fraudulent activity. After you report the activity on your card, contact us at 800-877-7328 to have a new check card ordered for you.

VISA Credit Card - To Report A Lost/Stolen Credit Card

Please call 833-541-0777, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fraud department can order you a new card when you call to report any fraudulent activity.

To dispute a merchant transaction on your Credit Card, call 866-294-8958 (Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST).

To change your Credit Card personal identification number (PIN), call 866-297-3413. 

To activate your new Credit Card, call 833-541-0770. 

VISA Balance Transfers

Print and complete this form to transfer balances from other creditors. Return form to USPS FCU ATTN: VISA 7905 Malcolm Rd., Suite 311 Clinton, MD 20735 Or Fax to 301-856-4409.

Wire Transfer

Unfortunately, we are unable to process any outgoing wires until the state of emergency has been terminated or amended. However, we will continue to accept any incoming wires. As an alternative, we recommend using BillPayer to send funds to another financial institution, write yourself a check, request funds via ACH transfer from your other financial institution or use Pop Money, Zelle, or any other Cash App type application. We apologize for any inconvenience. (Wires needed for mortgage settlements, please email us your contact information and we will contact you to make arrangements.)

Official Credit Union Check Stop Payment Form

Print and complete this form and return it to the Credit Union.

If You Wish to Close Your Membership

If you are considering closing your membership, we ask that you make your request in writing. Include your name, your account number, the reason you wish to close your membership, and your signature in your written request. Mail, fax or hand-deliver your request to any branch of the Credit Union. For your convenience, we have a pre-written form letter that you may complete, print and mail to the Credit Union.

Because your request must contain your account number, please do not email your request. The security of account numbers contained in an email is not guaranteed. It is never a good practice to email confidential or sensitive financial information.