Effective November 1, 2023

ATM Transactions
Overdraft $30.00
Transaction at non-USPS FCU ATM (Foreign Fee) (each)** $2.00
Replacement/Lost Card $15.00
Debit Card Replacement - Rush Fee $45.00
ATM Deposit Adjustment $5.00
ATM Balance Inquiry at non-USPS FCU ATM $2.00
Checking Fees
Official Check $20.00
Check Copy * $10.00
Returned for Insufficient Funds $30.00
Overdraft Privilege Fee Per Item Presented†† $30.00
Debit Card Reactivation Fee+ $10.00
Returned Deposited Item (third-party check) $20.00
Stop Payment for Credit Union checks within 14 days after issuance $30.00
Stop Payment for personal checks (per check)* $30.00
Maximum fee for multiple checks due to lost or stolen books $50.00
Third-party withdrawal checks $20.00
Check withdrawals by phone via Personal Service Representative*


Check Cashing
Payroll or personal check without Direct Deposit or $250 combined savings balance $10.00
Other Fees
Loan Subordination - Charged for Home Equity loans subordinated to another financial institution. $150.00
Duplicate Release - Lost or duplicate copies of Home Equity release forms. $50.00
Statement Copy * $5.00
Statement Research per hour (no charge if C.U. error)
Reopen Checking Account $20.00
Domestic Bank Wires $30.00
Deposit Verification* $5.00
Dormant Account (no activity for more than 3 years) $25.00
Loan Application Resubmission Fee $25.00
Medallion Signature Guarantee Fee $30.00
Automated Transfer from Shares (each) $2.00
Membership Fee $5.00
Garnishment/Lien/Levy $50.00
Bad Address/Return Mail $5.00
Minimum Balance Fee – Savings (6 mo. grace period for new accounts)**† $10.00
Minimum Balance Fee – Interest Checking $5.00
Minimum Balance Fee – Money Market Checking $10.00
Replacement/Lost Debit Card $15.00
Early withdrawal from Club Accounts (excluding Special Purpose Accounts) $10.00
Check Printing
Call Harland Clarke Corp. at (877) 585-8777 for current prices.
Check Hold Policy
See our Funds Availability Disclosure for details
VISA Late Payment/Return Fee Amount of violation, up to $25.00 or $35.00 if the same violation in the last 6 months
VISA Overlimit Fee None
VISA Annual/Application/Inactivity Fee None
VISA Cash Advance Fee
2% of each transaction,
$10 min., no max.
VISA Balance Transfer Fee
2% of each transaction,
$10 min., no max.
VISA Foreign Transaction Fee

* Fees can be avoided by utilizing electronic services on your account. Learn about our convenience services to save you time and fees.
**This fee does not apply to Relationship Rewards Members with a Money Market Checking Account. (See details for Relationship Rewards.)
† No minimum balance requirement for members ages 24 and under, and age 60 or older. Age exceptions are subject to change at any time. A combined minimum balance of $250 must be maintained after the first six months of membership.
††Multiple fees may be charged for items represented for payment.
+Debit card reactivation fee for cards that are suspended.

Download our shared branching fee schedule

ACH Stop Payment $30.00
ACH Return for Insufficient Funds $30.00