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I like the benefits the USPS Credit Union provides for its customers. I especially like the new/use auto loan rate – it is considerably lower than most financial institutions. The credit union also offers family members’ services upon opening accounts. The online access to accounts is very convenient and saves time when trying to gain knowledge about your financial situations – with access 24 hours. It’s a one-stop shop for financial needs!

Kim, Member Since 1984


What better way to express your pride in being an employee of the U. S. Postal Service than to present your USPS FCU credit/debit card or check at retailers. I live in Arkansas and am ecstatic about shared branches.

Charis, Member Since 2013

I appreciate that the employees at USPS FCU recognize me and greet me by name. That makes me feel like a valued customer and member. I have an account at a commercial bank near my home, and I don't feel valued at that bank.

Lee, Member Since 2003


There are several things I love about being a member of U.S. Postal Service FCU. I love the GREAT customer service, the appreciation of my loyalty and the rewards program.  I love that anytime I have a question I can call and have it answered quickly and politely!

Brianna, Member Since 1996

I have been a member since 1995 and have never considered switching to another financial institution.  I know with USPS FCU, I am paying the lowest possible fees and receiving the best rates out there. I have enjoyed carefree banking with direct deposit and easy access to my money. When I visit my local branch, I receive the best and fastest service from the staff which I am very thankful for.

Joe, Member Since 1995

Credit Cards

It pays to carry and use the USPS FCU Visa Rewards card. I use it to make large and small purchases and the points add up quickly. I have used this card around the world and never had to deal with expensive fees like at a bank. They offer double rewards points promotions which have allowed me to collect up to $2,300 in a single year when I redeemed the cash option!

William, Member in Virginia since 1986

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