VISA Account Updater

With Visa Account Updater, your USPS FCU card information is automatically updated to any of your merchants that participate in this program when you receive a new or reissued card. For example, if we issue a replacement card to you, you authorize USPS FCU to provide information (i.e. updated expiration date) related to the replacement card to merchants, in order to permit them to bill recurring charges to the replacement card.

  • Cardholders are still responsible for following up with merchants in order to ensure they automatically received fully updated card information through the Visa Account Updater service.
  • Not all merchants participate in automatic updates.
  • No card information is ever provided to merchants who do not already have the card on file.

This is the no-hassle way to get updated card information to merchants, and it’s completely free.

If you would like to opt-out of Visa® Account Updater, please complete the Opt-Out Request Form.