Access Checking

A great way to take advantage of Credit Union checking benefits

Access Checking offers all of the convenience of a Credit Union checking account with no minimum balance requirement.

Plus, you will enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • Surcharge-free ATM access nationwide at CIRRUS, Allpoint, CULIANCE, ACCEL, and CO-OP Network locations.
  • VISA Check Card: Use as you would a check, ATM or credit card.
  • VIRTUAL BRANCH: 24-hour Online Banking and BillPayer.
  • No monthly balance requirement.
  • No minimum deposit to open
  • QUE: 24-hour account access via touchtone phone.
  • Point-of-sale and ATM transactions with USPS FCU VISA Check (Debit) Card.
  • Sign up for Overdraft Line of Credit Protection.
  • Direct Deposit / Payroll Allotment available
  • Initial 50 free checks for a new account.
  • Duplicate checks
  • Unlimited check writing, no per check fees
  • Use our Switch Kit and receive a bonus

Contact us to find out more about these Access Checking Account benefits.

Checking Account Application

Print out a Checking Account Application to mail or drop off at any branch location, or fax to us at 301-856-4061.

Expand Your Knowledge About Checking Accounts

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