Checking Switch Kit

You know that USPS FCU’s checking account is much better than your high-fee bank checking, but it feels like a hassle to switch everything over, right? We make it easy for you to do just that with our hassle-free Switch Kit.

It's time to make the switch! If you've been keeping up with the news, then you know that banks are charging more and more fees. Well not at USPS FCU. In fact, we reward you for using our products and services. Check out our Relationship Rewards program to learn more about how we can reward you.

Switch Kit

Make The Switch To USPS FCU Checking and Receive A $75 Bonus!*

Use the Switch Kit link below to facilitate your checking account switch, or contact a Personal Service Representative for assistance in making the switch today! We'll be glad to help you.

Our easy online Switch Kit enables you to type your information just once and instantly generate all the necessary forms ready to print and send out to make the switch. There's even an easy-to-follow checklist, so you can make sure you have all your bases covered!

Gather your bank account(s) information (address, account number, etc.) as well as information on any automatic payments you have set up and your employer's address to switch direct deposit and get started! The switch kit will generate a letter for each change for you to sign and mail!

Here are a few helpful hints as you complete the switch kit.

  • Your Credit Union account number is four to six numbers.
  • Our Routing Number is 254075441
  • If you are moving Automated (ACH) or Direct Deposit payments, circle checking or savings next to your account number in the letter(s).
  • The default routing for automated deposits is to your savings account. (Ex. 1234560, (0) is savings)

Ready to make the switch? START NOW!

*To be eligible for bonus, you must have a checking account with a new $1,500 aggregate monthly minimum direct deposit, Virtual Branch Home Banking and a VISA Check Card. Bonus will be posted to your savings account within 30 days of your first direct deposit. Bonus cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

Existing Member: Must be 18 years of age, in good standing, and not have caused a loss to the Credit Union to receive the bonus. Must be a new direct deposit set up on an account.  Direct deposits that are transferred from one USPS FCU account to another USPS FCU does not qualify as a new direct deposit. Credit Union employees, officials, committee members and members of their immediate families are not eligible for the bonus. USPS FCU reserves the right to withdraw or change this offer at any time.