Our Millionaire's Club in Washington D.C. with IDEA Charter School

February 6, 2018

A new Millionaire’s Club financial literacy program has launched at IDEA Public Charter School, Washington, D.C. US Postal Service Federal Credit Union is sponsoring the Club; their first.  The students at IDEA now have access to a personal finance program designed to prepare them for success and financial independence.

Speaking at the Millionaire’s Club launch, USPS FCU CEO Will Yarborough reminded the gathered students that the skills they will obtain through the innovative financial education offering will go far beyond improving the lives of the Club members themselves. "As you begin to use the skills you’ll be learning in the Millionaire’s Club, remember that those skills can be used to help those around you. You may become a successful businessperson. You may use these skills to become a wise investor. Whatever successes may come to you through your participation in this Club, share those successes and help others.”

The Millionaire’s Club combines skills development with educational competitions and an annual entrepreneurial project to produce a broad and engaging program for Club members. Students learn budgeting, evaluating financial services, protecting assets and identities, responsible borrowing, career choice, and putting savings to work through investment simulations.;

Local, state, and national competitions allow Club members to experience financial education in an active club-like setting that retains their interest while providing them with skills and habits to help them avoid financial missteps and ensure their future success. The Club meets regularly throughout the school year.

Clubs are provided seed grants, detailed curriculum, and faculty/student materials at no charge. Sponsoring credit unions offer support through seed grants and guest speaking engagements.  Additional supplies add a fun, competitive edge to the Club's activities. Millionaire's Clubs have produced State and National personal finance champions as well as first-place Stock Market Game™ competitors since the program was founded in 2013.

The program was developed by the CU Foundation MD|DC and is available to schools and credit unions nationwide at no charge through the Foundation’s MillionairesClub.org site.  Millionaire’s Clubs have been expanding rapidly. Currently, over 2,000 students benefit annually from participation at 50 sites. 

For information on the Millionaire's Club financial education experience, visit MillionairesClub.org

IDEA Charter School Millionaires Club

Photo: Students at the IDEA Public Charter School gather for the launch of the new Millionaire's Club at IDEA in Washington, D.C.

Pictured with the students are the Club's Advisor, Andrew Fenner (Center), Principal Nicole McCrae (Right), and representative of the U. S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union, (Terrell Granberry, William Yarborough, and Steve Cimino) the Club's Sponsor.

Millionaire's Clubs help promote financial literacy. Students learn skills essential to financial success including budgeting, responsible borrowing, career choice, and investing while enjoying competitions like the Stock Market GameTM and the Personal Finance ChallengeTM.