Election 2021

During the November regular meeting of the Board of Directors, a Nominating Committee was appointed to nominate at least one member for each of the four two-year term vacancies that will become available on the Board next June.  Nominations must be received no later than February 25, 2021. The slate of nominations for the vacant positions will be announced in the 2021 Spring PostScripts.


Eligible members interested in serving as a U. S. Postal Service Federal Credit Union director may call Betty Myers at 1-800-877-7328, X 1316 to request a Nominee Application Package with instructions for consideration by the Nominating Committee.  Members may also be nominated by a petition submitted to the Secretary and signed by one percent (250 members) of the Credit Union's membership, along with a statement of qualifications, biographical data, and a signed certificate stating you are agreeable to the nomination and will serve if elected to office.  In the event there are more nominees than vacancies, an election will be conducted by ballot.  The results of the election will be announced at the USPS FCU Annual Meeting in the summer of 2021.